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The work and witness of the Society is never at a standstill. Whether it is new items being added to our product range, further progress in the work of Bible translation, or correspondence from those to whom we have been able to grant Scripture items, the work goes on. While our Quarterly Record and Annual Report give quarterly and yearly updates, this page includes links to more current news items.

Translation News
17 November 2017
Thadou Bible Project »
The Thadou people are the largest tribe in Manipur, India, according to the state census of 2011, and Thadou is spoken in...
12 October 2017
Spanish Bible Project »
More than 25,000 copies of the Society’s revised Spanish New Testament have been distributed since the official launch in...
21 September 2017
Simte Bible Project »
Many people have never heard of Simte, unless it has been through the Trinitarian Bible Society. The Simte are one of the...
18 August 2017
Romanian Bible Project – Fire! »
Since 2006 the Society has been engaged in a detailed revision of the Romanian Bible, with reference to the underlying Bib...
20 July 2017
Mongolian Bible Project »
The Society has been working in partnership with firstBible Mongolia since 2009 to translate the Bible into the Mongolian...

Product News
13 September 2017
Reformation products »
This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his Ninety-five Theses on the Wittenberg church door. This...
04 September 2017
Compact Westminster Bible »
The Society is pleased to announce the publication of our popular Westminster Reference Bible in a new compact size. Since...
01 March 2017
Trinitarian Bible Society Calendars 2017 »
Our 2017 calendars are still available in a number of languages. The Words of Life Calendars have fresh photographs from a...

Distribution News
05 August 2017
Golden Thoughts Calendars in India »
We recently received the following message from a recipient of our Golden Thoughts Calendars in India: "Greetings to yo...
25 July 2017
A disagreement between some prisoners and their chaplain »
A member of the TBS Auxiliary for Wessex in the UK recently shared with us a very interesting account of a disagreement be...
15 July 2017
A Bible distributed in Canada »
Here are some extracts from an email we recently received from a lady in Canada, who had an opportunity to distribute the...
29 June 2017
Bible Distribution in Northern Ireland »
We recently heard from one of our grantees in Northern Ireland to whom we send 200-300 Bibles each year for free distribut...
22 June 2017
Hebrew/Greek Bibles for Bible School Students in India »
For the last few years we have been pleased to supply students at a Bible School in India with free copies of our Original...

Quarterly Record
09 November 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Quarterly Record no. 621 »
Quarterly Record number 621, October to December 2017 is now available to be read here .
14 July 2017
Quarterly Record 620 and Annual Report 186 »
Quarterly Record number 620, July to September 2017, combined with Annual Report 186, is now available to be read here .
20 March 2017
Quarterly Record 619 »
Quarterly Record number 619, April to June 2017, is now available online here . Contents Annual General Mee...
28 December 2016
Quarterly Record no. 618 »
Quarterly Record number 618, January to March 2017, is now available online.
01 November 2016
Quarterly Record no. 617 »
Quarterly Record number 617, October to December 2016, is now available online.

Recent News
07 November 2017
Vacancy for Editorial Assistant »
Do you love language and words, and most especially the Bible? Do you have a desire to be involved with the preparation, p...
24 October 2017
A grateful young man from China »
In order to faithfully convey God’s Word in an accurate form for Chinese-speaking people, the Society has now published ov...
09 October 2017
Two Brothers Converted »
Our senior UK Deputation Speaker recently heard the following cheering account. Two brothers were clearing out their mo...
18 August 2017
Safe delivery of Bibles »
The wife of our Senior Deputation Speaker has been in contact with a believer from the Philippines for the last eighteen y...
20 July 2017
Our Reformation Timeline: a very useful resource »
Deputation Speakers promote the purchase of the Society’s publications during the course of their meetings, and during 201...

Featured Article
26 October 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
The Bible and the Protestant Reformation »
  This brand new article, written by Adrian Stoutjesdyk (General Secretary of TBS Canada), has been written especi...
09 April 2017
The Protestant Reformation: Returning to the Word of God »
Our new booklet by Peter Hallihan, The Protestant Reformation: Returning to the Word of God , focuses on the interaction...
31 March 2017
The Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures »
The Trinitarian Bible Society affirms that the Holy Scriptures are given by inspiration of God and are therefore the sole,...
03 February 2017
God was Manifest in the Flesh »
An examination of 1 Timothy 3.16. Click here for the full article (PDF, 331KB).
27 January 2017
How We Got Our English Bible »
Want to know about how we got our English Bible? Click here to find out more (PDF, 657KB).

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