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The work and witness of the Society is never at a standstill. Whether it is new items being added to our product range, further progress in the work of Bible translation, or correspondence from those to whom we have been able to grant Scripture items, the work goes on. While our Quarterly Record and Annual Report give quarterly and yearly updates, this page includes links to more current news items.

Translation News
19 December 2017
Chothe Bible Project »
The Chothe tribe, the majority of who live in the Indian state of Manipur, are mainly poor subsistence farmers. It is a sm...
17 November 2017
Thadou Bible Project »
The Thadou people are the largest tribe in Manipur, India, according to the state census of 2011, and Thadou is spoken in...
12 October 2017
Spanish Bible Project »
More than 25,000 copies of the Society’s revised Spanish New Testament have been distributed since the official launch in...
21 September 2017
Simte Bible Project »
Many people have never heard of Simte, unless it has been through the Trinitarian Bible Society. The Simte are one of the...
18 August 2017
Romanian Bible Project – Fire! »
Since 2006 the Society has been engaged in a detailed revision of the Romanian Bible, with reference to the underlying Bib...
20 July 2017
Mongolian Bible Project »
The Society has been working in partnership with firstBible Mongolia since 2009 to translate the Bible into the Mongolian...
20 June 2017
TBS French Bible »
The Society’s French Bible Revision Team are revising the 1872 Lausanne French Bible with constant reference to...
23 May 2017
TBS Dan-Gio New Testament »
The Dan language, also known as Gio, is a Mande language spoken primarily in Ivory Coast (c. 800,000 speakers) and Li...
23 May 2017
TBS Bulgarian Scriptures »
For several years the Society has been engaged in a revision of the Old Protestant Bulgarian Bible. This primarily involve...
06 April 2017
TBS Amharic Scriptures »
Our Amharic translator has worked extremely diligently in preparing a faithful new edition of the Bible in his native tong...
01 March 2017
TBS Nepali Scriptures »
In 2011 the Society published a new translation of the entire Bible in Nepali, a language spoken by millions in the countr...
13 January 2017
Vietnamese Scriptures »
During a recent visit to Australia, one of the Society’s General Committee members met a Vietnamese minister, who pastors...
20 December 2016
Hebrew »
The Society’s major project to revise the Delitzsch New Testament (DHNT) continues to make steady progress. Along with the...
28 November 2016
Shona (Zimbabwe) »
In 2014, 40,000 copies of the Shona New Testament were published, all of which have now been distributed. We are thankful...
31 October 2016
Farsi/Persian (Iran) »
The revision of the 1895 standard Farsi (Persian) Bible is continuing, albeit at a slower pace than either we or the main...
27 September 2016
Chichewa (Malawi) »
In 2015 the Society entered into an agreement with the Free Grace Evangelistic Association (FGEA) to prepare an interim Ch...
12 August 2016
Mongolian New Testament »
Since 2008 the Society has been working in partnership with firstBible International on a new translation of the Mongolian...

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