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The work and witness of the Society is never at a standstill. Whether it is new items being added to our product range, further progress in the work of Bible translation, or correspondence from those to whom we have been able to grant Scripture items, the work goes on. While our Quarterly Record and Annual Report give quarterly and yearly updates, this page includes links to more current news items.

Recent News
03 January 2018
Stock Take – Disruption to orders this week »
Please note that our annual stock take is due to commence on Monday 8 January. This very large job will take approximately...
20 December 2017
Holiday Closure 2017 »
Our offices will be closed next week, re-opening in January, God willing. The list below gives the dates for each branch o...
24 November 2017
Need for UK Deputation Speaker »
The Society has for some time sought a new UK Deputation Speaker, and now the need is urgent. Our Senior Speaker is approa...
07 November 2017
Vacancy for Editorial Assistant »
Do you love language and words, and most especially the Bible? Do you have a desire to be involved with the preparation, p...
24 October 2017
A grateful young man from China »
In order to faithfully convey God’s Word in an accurate form for Chinese-speaking people, the Society has now published ov...
09 October 2017
Two Brothers Converted »
Our senior UK Deputation Speaker recently heard the following cheering account. Two brothers were clearing out their mo...
18 August 2017
Safe delivery of Bibles »
The wife of our Senior Deputation Speaker has been in contact with a believer from the Philippines for the last eighteen y...
20 July 2017
Our Reformation Timeline: a very useful resource »
Deputation Speakers promote the purchase of the Society’s publications during the course of their meetings, and during 201...
05 July 2017
Society Trustees’ Report for 2016 »
Each year the Trustees produce a report discussing the Society’s objectives, and how during the past year the Society has...
04 July 2017
Christian Fishermen »
    Our Senior Deputation Speaker has recently been taking meetings for the Society in Scotland. In one t...
23 May 2017
Asking the right questions »
The Society’s UK Deputation Speakers reach out to a wide spectrum of churches during their ministry. The main focus of the...
21 March 2017
Words of Life Calendars »
Many churches and individuals distribute TBS Words of Life Calendars to the people who live around them. An example of thi...
28 February 2017
God’s Word in the High Street »
The Society is well known for its publication of Scripture Verse Posters, which display individual verses of Scripture in...
24 February 2017
Reformation Quizzes for Children »
We are pleased to present our children's quizzes on the Protestant Reformation. These quizzes, for young people aged 7 to...
23 January 2017
A Buddhist Seeker »
For several years now the Society has been involved in preparing a new translation of the Chinese Bible. Thus far, the Soc...
05 December 2016
Scripture Distribution in England »
Throughout the years, many individuals and churches have distributed Gospels and Scripture calendars published by the Soci...

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