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This TBS website is available in different versions for different regions. The regions are as follows: (1) Europe, (2) United Kingdom, (3) United States, (4) Canada, (5) Australia, (6) New Zealand and (7) World, and each has appropriate content, contact details and currencies displayed. For each region, communications and orders are sent to the relevant TBS office. The site will normally automatically detect the region from which you are coming and display the correct region with a symbol at the top of the page – clicking this symbol allows you to select a different region. However, when you register you will be allocated to the region that looks after your online account (called your account region) and when logged-in you will not be able to switch regions until you log out again. To avoid confusion it is not possible to order on the website from a different region to that of your ‘account region’ – if for any reason you wish to do so, please order from the relevant branch office by post or telephone.


This website has been optimised for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, however it should be usable in most other browsers that are used today. If you wish to update your browser you may find information about upgrading on the relevant website for your browser.


As with most e-commerce websites, the TBS website uses cookies (small pieces of text stored on a user's computer by a web browser) in order to manage your shopping basket and other aspects of the site. If you are having difficulties with using the site and in particular with the order process, please check your browser settings and make sure that cookies are enabled.


The fonts used in this website are Georgia and Verdana. These are web core fonts and it is very unlikely that they are not available for your browser. Even if they are not present, your browser may successfully substitute these with similar fonts. If you do not have them and wish to obtain them they may be purchased from Microsoft Typography.

For help with accessibility please see our Accessibility page. For help with other issues you may view the FAQ page. If you are still unable to resolve your problem you may contact us using the details provided on the Contact TBS page.

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