Are you a member of the Society?

One way of supporting the Society is by becoming a member. As a member, you can participate more fully in the work and witness of the Society and vote at our Annual General Meeting. And your annual subscription fee, held at a minimum for many years, helps support the Society in our day-to-day activities. This page contains information about Society Membership and there is a link at the bottom of the page to our online membership form.

Please read these notes carefully.

  1. Membership is for a calendar year and falls for renewal each January. However, membership applications and renewals received after 1st October will be deemed to apply to the following year unless otherwise requested.
  2. A correctly completed form is required each year before a person is deemed a member. Verified membership is required for participation in the Annual General Meeting Business Meeting.
  3. A completed form is also required from life members to maintain membership for each year. No fee is payable. (New life memberships are no longer available.)
  4. Membership may be applied for online via the online form. Completion of a separate online form is required for each membership application and renewal (husbands and wives must apply separately). If printed forms are required, please contact your National Branch office or auxiliary.
  5. If you pay your membership subscription to the Society by standing order it is still necessary for a membership form to be completed.
  6. The term ’subscription‘ is synonymous with membership and does not represent subscription to the Society‘s magazine, the Quarterly Record.
  7. The Society‘s Quarterly Record is mailed automatically to members. To save on costs, one copy is mailed to husbands and wives. You may receive your copy through a church or auxiliary bulk mailing.
  8. Please note that the Quarterly Record is not limited to members only and is mailed free of charge to all interested in receiving it.
  9. Minimum subscription per person: UK £5.00; Europe €6.50; USA & Canada $10.00; Australia $10.00; New Zealand $15.00.
  10. UK taxpayers can increase the value of their subscription and donations through Gift Aid. If you wish your subscription to qualify under the Gift Aid scheme, please note that you must be a UK taxpayer and pay at least as much tax as is retrieved on the gift.
  11. When you proceed to the online membership form please ensure you log in to your personal account (if you have not already done so). If you do not have a personal account then please register, without giving an organisation or company name, and a personal account will be created.

For the membership application and renewal form, please ensure that you are logged-in first and then click here.

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