Annual Report

The Annual Report is the yearly account of the Society's work and finances for presentation at our Annual General Meeting. It contains a detailed and wide-ranging report on the work of the Society, including the work of the various departments, and a detailed financial statement.

Our Annual Report typically consists of reports by the General Secretary, the Resources Director, the Editorial Director and the Operations Manager, detailing the Society's work for the previous year. It includes a chart showing the annual distribution of Scripture items through our sales and grants departments, and financial statements providing information on the use of funds.

In recent years the Annual Report has been combined with the Quarterly Record for July to September, and includes articles on subjects of interest and letters from grantees.

Our Annual General Meeting, at which the Annual Report is presented, not only includes a review of the Society's business matters, but also a presentation from a translator and other addresses of interest. The Business Meeting is followed by a service of worship.

In addition to the Annual Reports provided below, you can also view the approved Financial Statements for a given year in PDF format by clicking on the relevant year: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012.

Acrobat Reader will be needed to view these documents which you can download here.

To receive a printed copy of the Annual Report, please click here.

*AR186 - Annual Report 2016
*AR185 - Annual Report 2015
*AR184 - Annual Report 2014
*AR183 - December 2013   (Size: 1.5Mb)
*AR182 - December 2012   (Size: 1.8Mb)
*AR181 - December 2011   (Size: 2Mb)
*AR180 - December 2010
*AR179 - December 2009
*AR178 - December 2008
*AR177 - December 2007
*AR176 - December 2006
*AR175 - December 2005
*AR174 - December 2004
*AR173 - December 2003
*AR172 - December 2002
*AR171 - December 2001

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