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The Society's work is, first and foremost, in providing people throughout the world with accurate and trustworthy editions of the Holy Scriptures, translated from the best Biblical language texts. For the purposes of this introduction the work can be divided into the following four headings:

  • Translation: In November 1835, a gift of 50 pounds Sterling was received to aid in the production of a new translation in a foreign language. Today the Society spends many times that amount each year on the work of translation and revision of the Scriptures. Currently the Society publishes Scriptures (and Scripture portions) in almost forty languages for distribution in more than one hundred countries, and has ongoing translation projects in a further twenty languages... Read Translation News
  • Publications: The Society's main publications are made up almost entirely of the Scriptures: Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, along with calendars offering either monthly or daily Bible readings, leaflets for evangelism, booklets for edification and teaching, children's colouring and puzzle books, greeting cards and posters (for more information, please see our Sales pages). We also publish articles on subjects ranging from English Bible versions to doctrine, as well as information on various countries into which our Scriptures go - many of which are online (see our Online Articles).
  • Grants: Every day we receive letters and e-mails from people round the world who long for copies of the Scriptures but who cannot afford to buy them. Through the generous support of our members and friends, the Lord has enabled us to provide free or subsidised copies of His Word through our Grants programme. Through this means, we are able to circulate the Word of God more widely. Read Contacts News
  • Sales: The sale of our publications at full price makes a very important contribution to the income of the Society. All surplus funds from sales, after overheads have been deducted, are used for the free or subsidised distribution of the Scriptures throughout the world. We would therefore encourage those wishing to further the work of the Society in this way, to take a look at the wide range of products that we offer for purchase via our Sales pages.

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