All published works, whether in print or digital, are covered by copyright law which extends beyond country borders. Material published by the Trinitarian Bible Society, in the UK and our international Branches, including all content posted on this website, is no exception, and cannot be reproduced in any format or length without the express written permission of the Society.

If you would like permission to reproduce our materials or to make extensive quotations, we would encourage you first to read the following FAQs on copyright, and then if necessary to contact us with any specific queries or requests.

Copyright FAQs

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  • What copyright restrictions are there on your Bibles?
    We do not hold copyright to the text of our English Bibles, as this is held by the Queen's Printers, Cambridge University Press, under the Royal Letters Patent. Thus, anyone wishing to make extensive quotations or to reprint these Scriptures would need to contact Cambridge University Press for permission. We hold copyright on the image (design) of our own ranges of English Bibles as well as on the text and design of most of our Scriptures in other languages. This is done to safeguard them and to ensure that money that comes from their publication goes back into the work of translating and printing the Scriptures. For particular queries about copyright, please contact us.

  • May I quote from the Authorised (King James) Version without restriction?
    As with all published material, there are restrictions on quoting from the Authorised Version. Please contact Cambridge University Press, the holders of the Royal Letters Patent (the ‘copyright’ on the Authorised Version) for additional information.

  • May I photocopy your material, such as colouring books, for use in a class I am teaching?
    All our materials are protected by copyright which prohibits the photocopying of materials without permission. Money which comes into the Society from the sale of these materials goes back into our work. Photocopying them reduces these much-needed revenues. We purposely seek to keep prices down, and if numerous copies are needed and your resources are limited then please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

  • May I use extracts from your material in a book I am writing or for my church bulletin?
    You are welcome to quote extracts from our publications, so long as the quoted material does not exceed twenty-five percent of our publication or of your book and as long as proper attribution (giving of source) is provided. For longer quotations or permission to reprint fuller articles from our Quarterly Record, please contact our Editorial Department.

  • Can I post TBS material on my website?
    No, we do not allow this. However, you may provide a link to the publication on our site.

  • May I use the pictures and graphics found on your website for my own use or on my website?
    Many of the photographs on this site are used with permission and are protected by copyright. You may not copy or distribute these pictures, even for personal use. Text samples of our publications are for personal use only and may not be distributed. Pictures of our publications are copyright material but may be used provided permission is sought (Contact TBS) and proper acknowledgement is given by a link to this website.

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