This Glossary is divided into two sections:

  • Section 1 found below contains a list of terms that are used in our product descriptions and most commonly found on our sales pages.
  • Section 2 on the next page contains a list of theological and textual terms that are mentioned in our Statement of Doctrine of Holy Scripture as well as in some of our articles.

Section 1

Bible Features

Bible word list; Short glossary of Biblical usage: Brief explanations of words in the Authorised (King James) Version that are unfamiliar, no longer in everyday use, or now used with a different meaning.

Black text: Scriptures in which all the text is in black print, rather than having passages in red or other colours.

Chapter summaries: Summary of the content of each chapter at its beginning.

Clear print: Print designed so that its size and type provide excellent readability.

Concordance: Alphabetical list of words, used for locating a verse or identifying related material, listing places in the text where particular words may be found, with their chapter and verse.

Daily reading plan: This is the M'Cheyne plan for reading through the whole Bible once in two years—the Psalms and New Testament twice.

Epistle Dedicatory: The traditional dedication to King James I written by the translators of the Authorised (King James) Version.

Family record pages: Pages for recording family details such as names, births, deaths and marriages.

Gift presentation box; Presentation sleeve: Attractive box, slipcase or sleeve available with many luxury editions of the Bible designed to protect the Bible.

Gift presentation page: Page at the front of the Bible for recording the date and occasion on which the Bible was given.

Headings: Informative phrases given at intervals in the text, particularly in paragraphed format editions.

Illustrated photographs; Twelve pages of line drawings: Photographs or drawings of Biblical areas or items such as animals or plants.

Maps and gazetteer: Maps of Biblical locations; the gazetteer lists place names referenced on the maps.

Metrical Psalms: Psalms arranged for singing. Ours are the 1650 edition approved by the Church of Scotland.

Paragraphed text: Biblical text divided into paragraphs.

Pocket size; Pocket edition: Small Bible or New Testament that fits in pocket or handbag.

References; Bold-figure cross references: System by which verses with a similar wording or theme are linked throughout the Bible. This may be located in the centre of the page or at the margin. Some are indicated by bold figures in the text.

Same page numbering: Bibles that have exactly the same page layout and numbering, but in a different size.

Self-pronouncing text; List of pronunciation of words and proper names: Texts or lists incorporating a phonetic system for indicating the way difficult words and names should be pronounced.

Translators to the Reader: The translators' original preface to the 1611 Authorised Version. Also available here.

Paper and Binding Specifications

Bands: Gold, silver, blind or raised bands across the spine of the Bible. Blind bands are impressed into the spine and not coloured.

Bible paper: Thin and strong, lightweight paper which reduces the thickness of the Bible and makes pages easier to turn.

Bonded leather: A reconstituted leather material using a predominance of leather fibre, bonded together with a strong resin.

Button snap: Cover extended in a flap to fold round fore-edge, with a single central snap fastener to protect the page edging.

Calfskin-grain leather: Leather that has been grained to resemble calfskin.

Calfskin leather: A very strong and beautiful leather with an attractive grain.

Colour washed page edges; Silver edges; Gilt edges: Page edges covered with gold- or silver-coloured foil, or coloured to complement the colour of the cover. Art gilt has a burnished gold appearance.

Flexible vinyl cover: A hardwearing vinyl-coated paper, producing a strong ‘paperback’ book.

Genuine leather cover: Cover made of a strong, attractive leather.

Goatskin leather: A top-quality, strong and flexible leather.

Goatskin leather boards: A hardback binding covered with goatskin leather.

Hardback; Rexine leathercloth hardback: Heavy cardboard covered in attractive cloth, leather or vinyl.

Head and tail bands: A decorative band of cloth at the top and bottom of the spine to enhance the appearance of the Bible.

Imitation leather; Imitation leather-grain cover; Leather-grain cloth; Grained imitation leather; Soft imitation leather: A binding material designed or grained to resemble leather. Some editions have a hand-stitched look.

Marker ribbon: A fine quality ribbon for use as a bookmark. Some have two marker ribbons.

Paperback: Items bound in strong, heavy paper.

Pictorial hardback; Pictorial paperback; Pictorial cover: Cover displaying an attractive photograph.

Print size; Point size: Size of the print used in the text of Bibles and other publications, given in standard typographic points.

Quality sewn binding; Reinforced sewn binding: Bible binding which is sewn rather than glued.

Semi-yapp page protection: The overlapping edges of more expensive limp bindings, designed to protect the page edges.

Stitched decorative binding; Stitched soft imitation leather-grain two-tone cover; Soft imitation leather: Soft, flexible material decorated with visible stitching.

Thumb index: Labelled cut-outs on the outer edge of the Bible's pages designed to help locate the start of books.

Vinyl covered hardback; Vinyl covered lightweight board cover: A casebound binding covered with a vinyl material.

Vinyl covered paperback: A heavy paper binding covered in strong, flexible vinyl.

Zip: A zip-fastener sewn onto three edges of the Bible, providing protection to the pages when not in use.

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