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The work and witness of the Society is never at a standstill. Whether it is new items being added to our product range, further progress in the work of Bible translation, or correspondence from those to whom we have been able to grant Scripture items, the work goes on. While our Quarterly Record and Annual Report give quarterly and yearly updates, this page includes links to more current news items.

Translation News
21 January 2019
TBS Dan New Testament »
Dan is a tonal language spoken primarily in Ivory Coast and Liberia. The language was formerly known as Gio. Thus the TBS...
07 January 2019
Simte Bible »
Simte is a Kuki-Chin language, spoken primarily by the Simte people in Northeastern India, who are concentrated in Manipur...
13 December 2018
TBS Spanish Bible »
Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese, and it is estimated that more than 437 mil...
20 November 2018
TBS Chinese Scriptures »
Mandarin is by far the largest of the Chinese dialect groups, spoken by 70 percent of all Chinese speakers, with close to...
17 September 2018
Nepali Bible »
The first edition of the Society’s Nepali Bible was published in 2011. It has been very well received, and is about to be...

Product News
27 November 2018
Free Postage and Packing »
The Society’s UK online store is pleased to offer free postage and packaging for all orders over £25. This offer is based...
02 October 2018
NEW – Puzzle book series: Bible Journeys »
We have produced a brand new series of children’s puzzle books on Bible Journeys. The series, consisting of four books, ha...
06 August 2018
New Sales Catalogue »
We are delighted that our new Sales Catalogue is now available on our website. Please click here to view it. We hop...
14 March 2018
Romanian Bible »
We are delighted that our Romanian Bible is now available. The Society has been engaged in a detailed revision of the Roma...
06 February 2018
New Greetings Cards »
  We are pleased to announce the publication of our new set of Greetings Cards for 2018. These distinctive cards are i...

Distribution News
02 October 2018
Kazakhstan and Sicily »
We received the following email and photo from a contact distributing Bibles in Kazakhstan and Sicily: ‘We are glad to...
24 April 2018
Distribution news from Berlin »
The following email came from Berlin, where a grantee distributed Farsi and Arabic TBS Gospels and Bibles to Muslims and r...
19 December 2017
Letter from a school »
We received the following lovely letter from the pupils of a school who completed our Reformation Quiz and were awarded Co...
01 December 2017
Distribution News from Africa »
  The following extract comes from a report from one of our grantees in Africa: “The final meeting in Zimb...
05 August 2017
Golden Thoughts Calendars in India »
We recently received the following message from a recipient of our Golden Thoughts Calendars in India:...

Quarterly Record
13 November 2018   (0 Comments - view/add)
Quarterly Record no. 625 »
Quarterly Record number 625 October to December 2018 is now available to be read here .
09 August 2018   (0 Comments - view/add)
Quarterly Record no. 624 with Annual Report 187 »
Quarterly Record number 624, July to September 2018, with Annual Report 187, is now available to be read here .
16 April 2018   (0 Comments - view/add)
Quarterly Record no. 623 »
Quarterly Record number 623, April to June 2018, is now available to be read here .
31 January 2018
Quarterly Record no. 622 »
Quarterly Record number 622, January to March 2018, is now available to be read here .
09 November 2017   (0 Comments - view/add)
Quarterly Record no. 621 »
Quarterly Record number 622, January to March 2018, is now available to be read here .

Recent News
20 December 2018
December Holiday Closures »
Our offices will be closed for most of next week, re-opening in January 2019, God willing. The list below gives the dates...
19 October 2018
Request for prayer »
At the time of writing the Lord has not yet seen fit in His infinite wisdom to send a tenant for the Society’s investment...
17 September 2018
Reaching out to prisoners »
Some of the Society’s Scripture publications are distributed to people in prison. For some prisoners the confinement of th...
24 July 2018
New prices and product codes »
We would like to announce that our new prices and product codes are now live. These are in line with the details included...
25 May 2018
We have updated our privacy policy »
As you may be aware, new GDPR regulations mean that data protection legislation has changed. As a result, we have updated...

Featured Article
26 October 2017   (1 Comment - view/add)
The Bible and the Protestant Reformation »
  This brand new article, written by Adrian Stoutjesdyk (General Secretary of TBS Canada), has been written especi...
09 April 2017
The Protestant Reformation: Returning to the Word of God »
Our new booklet by Peter Hallihan, The Protestant Reformation: Returning to the Word of God , focuses on the interaction...
31 March 2017
The Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures »
The Trinitarian Bible Society affirms that the Holy Scriptures are given by inspiration of God and are therefore the sole,...
03 February 2017
God was Manifest in the Flesh »
An examination of 1 Timothy 3.16. Click here for the full article (PDF, 331KB).
27 January 2017
How We Got Our English Bible »
Want to know about how we got our English Bible? Click here to find out more (PDF, 657KB).

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