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Distribution news from Berlin

24 April 2018  
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The following email came from Berlin, where a grantee distributed Farsi and Arabic TBS Gospels and Bibles to Muslims and refugees.

‘We've served in Berlin from February 15-22. We had many conversations with Muslims around the Berlin area. We gave New Testaments in Arabic to several people with whom we had amazing conversations, we had less successes with the Farsi literature we've received but the local personal whom we have worked with said that there is a growing community of Farsi believers in his church and that he will continue to distribute the Farsi literature in different outreaches and street evangelism. Hopefully this short report is sufficient to describe the impact that we had as a team together with the Christian materials that TBS had sent us to use on the streets of Berlin. I will attach few pictures from our outreach to Muslims and refugees.’

It is our prayer that these Bibles and Gospels would be greatly blessed to the people who receive them.

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