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TBS Dan-Gio New Testament

23 May 2017  
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The Dan language, also known as Gio, is a Mande language spoken primarily in Ivory Coast (c. 800,000 speakers) and Liberia (c. 150,000–200,000 speakers). Our Dan New Testament translation team are based in Liberia, and mainly work in the rural Nimba County district, which is in the north-east of the country.

The Dan/Gio team have persevered in revising the New Testament for more than seven years, notwithstanding the challenging circumstances in which they labour. We received news in October 2016 that they hoped to pass a portion of the digital text to us shortly, but since then we have struggled to maintain contact. We now understand that there have been changes to the team revising the New Testament, including the sad passing away of one of the main revisers.

Contact has been re-established in recent days, and we have been informed that the last set of corrections are in the final stages of being included in the New Testament digital text. We hope that before long the entire New Testament will be available for checking by the Society. Please remember the remaining members of the Dan translation team in prayer, particularly that they would be helped to finalise the whole of the New Testament text without further hindrance.

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