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Online Bible Changelog
How to upgrade to the latest version, and other help Goto Online Bible
  • Beta v0.120 - 20 May 2020
    3 Features Added
    • Implemented pre-fetching of next chapter

      To improve the speed of moving between chapters, the app will now silently fetch the next chapter in readiness of navigating there.

    • Support for arabic-indic numbering of chapters

      Many languages of the world do not use western numbers (e.g. 1,2,3...).  This enhancement brings in support for the non-western number schemes, beginning with arabic-indic chapter numbers as used in the Persian scriptures.

    • Improvements to copied verses

      Previously copied verses (e.g. pressing Ctrl+C with verses selected) included just the verse number.  Now a full reference is appended to the copied verse(s).  Verses copied from search results now also include the search term(s) and number of results (as shown on the screen).

    12 Bugs Fixed
    • Retrieving many verses in search results was sometimes failing because of a 5 second network timeout, now extended.
    • Incorrect map lightbox display when the user interface language was set to a right-to-left (RTL) language.
    • Map lightbox would close when attempting to zoom in or out on maps
    • Two similar menu options ('Update' and 'Check for Updates') were sometimes appearing at the same time
    • Message buttons lost formatting
    • Clicking to download a Bible switches to that Bible
    • Errors occur using dynamic UI language translation
    • Some book names in the Greek Original (RT) Bible did not have a discernible space before the chapter number when displayed in the Navigation bar
    • Some non-letter characters when entered into a search term could break the display of the auto-complete list
    • Apple app icons had an unsupported transparent background
    • Navigation menu had a red top border in IE
    • Header icons now causing web address text to appear at bottom of screen in Chrome
  • Beta v0.110 - 07 May 2020
    8 Features Added
    • Added Persian Scriptures

      The entire New Testament in a new revision of the classic 1895 Persian (Farsi) Bible by the Society.

    • Added Bulgarian Scriptures

      Initially just the Gospel of John in the Society's revised 1871 Constantinople version.

    • Improved access to top icons

      Now when scrolled down a page, a 'more' icon appears next to the navigation controls providing rapid access to the icons available at the top of the page (Search, Bibles and Main Menu).

    • Added keyboard copying of search results

      In addition to an onscreen icon, it is now possible by pressing Ctrl + c to copy search results to the clipboard (on supported devices).

    • Added keyboard mapping to aid searching of the Greek Textus Receptus

      Previously searching in the Greek Textus Receptus required users to enter Greek characters - not a straightforward process without a Greek keyboard.  Now it is possible to use equivalent characters in other scripts, so for example, typing 'a' in a Latin script (e.g. English) will be turned into 'α' in the Greek script.

    • Revised auto-complete icons

      The list of matched words shown when typing in a search term now include new 'traffic light' style icons. Words with a green icon have the fewest occurances in the selected Scriptures and are the best to search on.  If you need to use a word with a red icon, try to add another word to cut down the number of search results.

    • Improved English (AV) text helps

      Word definition notes in the English (AV) Scriptures which previously said "See note at v..." now contain the referenced text instead.

    • Improved search results

      Previously, supplemental words in the Scriptures (e.g. those normally rendered in italics) were not available for searching.  These have now been added.

    12 Bugs Fixed
    • No section headings shown in Psalm 119 in English (AV) Scriptures
    • In the English (AV) Scriptures, Exodus 32:32 has a long dash character which had made it into the search autocomplete results.
    • Searching using terms which produced too many search results would sometimes fail
    • Retrieving many verses (typically over 50) in one book in the search results would sometimes fail
    • Menu text can temporarily enlarge when changing Accesibility settings
    • Search does not always work correctly after switching Bible language
    • "12645" was being treated as a valid search term in the English Scriptures!
    • Failures when retrieving cross references in text helps were not displayed very well
    • The main menu icon at the top of the screen was not clickable on the rightmost screen edge
    • Clearing the search was not deleting part entered term in the input field
    • The Navigation/Select menu bar was not quite touching the top of the screen on some displays when scrolling down the page
    • Doing a keyboard copy (Ctrl+c) with no verses selected was nevertheless indicating a successful copy
  • Beta v0.100 - 03 Feb 2020
    7 Features Added
    • Gain quick access to Search by swiping down in Navigation bar

      Swiping down from the top of the screen (over the place where the current book and chapter is displayed) will now open the Search popup.&nbap; This is expecially convenient on a mobile device when you have scrolled down some way into the chapter, and don't wish to scroll back to the top just to access the Search popup.  [Note: You can also swipe in from the right of the screen at any time to access the full menu.]

    • Match diatcritics when searching

      The auto-complete function during searching now no longer requires the exact characters in order to find a match, but will allow any accented or non-accented version of a character.  For example, typing in "a" will now also match "à", "á", "â", "ã", "ä", "å", "ā", "ă", "ą", "ǟ", "ǡ", "ǻ", "ȁ", "ȃ", "ȧ", "ӑ", "ӓ", "ᶏ", "ḁ", "ẚ", "ạ", "ả", "ấ", "ầ", "ẩ", "ẫ", "ậ", "ắ", "ằ", "ẳ", "ẵ", "ặ", "æ", "ǣ", "ǽ", and "ӕ".&nsbp; This is particularly useful in non-English languages, but also helps select the word "hymenaeus" in the AV, for example.

    • Re-order auto-complete list

      The list of matched words shown when typing in a search term are now ordered in a more natural way - starting with words where the entered characters appear first, listed in order or length, and then alphabetically.

    • Support for right-to-left (RTL) interface languages

      While the Online Bible App has long been able to display Bibles in RTL languages, this enhancement now allows for the menu and other interface elements to work with RTL languages too.  The first of these RTL interface language is in final testing now and should be released shortly.


    • Added clear button to search terms input

      A small but very useful addition - it is now possible to quickly clear all the entered search terms by clicking on the "X" icon at the end of the input field.

    • Recently used Bible versions now highlighted

      Recently used Bible versions are now displayed at the top of the Versions list (marked by green flashes) and not, as previously, seperated into two different lists.

    • Added go-to-top button in footer of search results

      It is now possible to quickly return to the top of a long list of search results by tapping the icon in the footer of the Search popup.

    32 Bugs Fixed
    • Navigation buttons work the 'wrong' way round when a Bible version in a right-to-left language is selected
    • Bible book names displayed incorrectly on Navigation popup when a Bible version in a right-to-left language is selected
    • Internet Explorer browser does not display new chapter upon navigation in a reliable or timely manner
    • Popup of text helps wrongly positioned when zoom factor applied but Accessibility turned off
    • Copy not working with some languages
    • Latest Firefox browser version breaks the formatting of the Settings option in the main menu
    • Text Help cross references popup not working in Internet Explorer
    • Widow/orphan control for columns not working in Firefox
    • Margins and padding not correct for helps when using RTL Scriptures
    • Download options menu appears briefly when accessed during downloading
    • Can select to clear a downloaded Bible while downloading that Bible!
    • Swiping left/right to change chapters not respecting Scripture language direction
    • Some Bible versions do not have a copyright notice in the About popup
    • Search key words not picking up color coding when completed using keyboard (rather than chosen from list)
    • History time ago labels display incorrectly with RTL references
    • Tooltip text incorrect for navigation icons when using RTL Bibles
    • Download menu items using wrong color palette
    • JS error when 'willchange' not supported by browser
    • Header margins not lining up with page top margins on small screens
    • Translation key 'reset' used in two different contexts
    • 'Audio' label not being switched when interface language changed
    • Navigation bar not 'sticking' quite against top of screen
    • Use of incorrect path in URL (e.g. /foo/bar.html) breaking display
    • Select mode unnecessarily terminated when search or versions popup opened
    • Focus buttons should use border rather than outline
    • Cancel download icon on toast message looks too much like a close button
    • Text of reference not as dark as body text
    • Improve icons for books and chapters in Navigation popup
    • Active tabs do not need cursor pointer
    • Text help superscript at end of verse can be underlined
    • Bible versions popup too wide on smaller screen
    • Alert marker on side menu icon too large on some mobile devices
  • Beta v0.90 - 15 Oct 2019
    14 Features Added
    • Added Westminster marginal notes and cross-references to English Scriptures

      Switch these on by selecting Text helps in the Settings menu. 

      Verses (in the English Bible only at present) are then annotated with small superscript markers to indicate marginal notes, cross-references, word and measurement definitions. Selecting the verse then displays these details.

    • Added popup to preview cross-references

    • Added linking to TBS account to enable special features

      Look out for the padlock symbol next to certain menu items. Attempt to access these features (currently, Maps and the text helps mentioned above) and you will be asked to sign in with your TBS website account email address and password.

      If you do not have an account, just follow the link to create one - it should take less than 5 minutes and is entirely free.

      Please note that by signing in you consent to the storage of certain personally identifiable information and grant TBS a license to hold and process any user generated content.  For more details see the Terms and Conditions in the About option.

    • Re-published English Scriptures in 'protected mode' as suggested by licensee
    • Performance improvement for protected Scriptures on many devices (up to 2x quicker to render chapter)
    • Streamlined copy and printing process to remove intermediate step
    • Made Accessibility settings collapsible (so that all options can be more easily seen)
    • Made About popup Versions Info section expandable like the T&Cs section
    • Added indication as to word frequency on selected search terms
    • Added chapter reference to Select menu
    • Added support for swiping left/right to change list between all and recent on Bible versions popup
    • Added visual indication of % downloaded to Bible versions popup
    • Add "See what's new" link on Splash popup (to bring you to this page)
    • Improved description of key new features here to aid discovery and use
    66 Bugs Fixed
    • CORS settings not preventing direct retrieval of scripture html
    • Attempting to load a Scripture version in the language of a new user yielded an error on some devices
    • Accessibility Zoom feature disabled on Firefox (which doesn't support this feature)
    • No way to clear a language cache until download completed
    • Map background not covering entire screen when clicked to view on iOS8
    • Map not centered when clicked to view in iOS 8 & 9
    • Alert messages don't appear in selected UI language
    • Cannot select side menu options using a keyboard
    • Cannot select verses using a keyboard
    • Native mobile sharing bypassed verse limits
    • Verses cannot be selected when verseflow is on in iOS 9
    • Chapters from protected Bibles can display incorrectly when offline
    • Web app forced to landscape when installed on some mobile devices
    • History not being properly retained across sessions
    • Download successfully completed message displayed when download stops because of errors
    • Unnecessary screen re-painting during chapter switching
    • Using browser navigation when verses selected disrupts select control
    • Marginal reference counters don't loop around when reaching 'z' (fixed, but only supported on a few browsers at present)
    • Maps not centered in lightbox display when Accessibility zoom feature is in use
    • Search button can overflow out of view on small screens when Accessibility zoom feature is in use
    • Scripture versions don't show as downloaded after screen refresh
    • Settings switches can some times get out of step with the actual settings
    • Odd search chip behavior under some circumstances - won't add previously searched words
    • Accessibility sample text takes up too much space on small screens
    • Verse selection/deselection slow on some mobile devices
    • Poor indication of download progress on large Bibles
    • Double download/clear confirmation messages
    • Tab order incorrect on side menu
    • Offline icon flashes briefly when switching Bibles
    • Keep awake function not working on some browsers
    • Splash popup cannot be dismissed with keyboard
    • Navigating to a verse reference does not always scroll to, and focus, that verse
    • Scroll to verse does not work if in currently displayed chapter
    • Referenced verse loses focus if first run on device
    • Swiping in from right to see Main menu doesn't work until first opened using icon
    • Switching verseflow setting on, shifts chapter contents right so that they are no longer centered
    • Side menu settings labels have wrong mouse pointer type on some devices
    • Verse highlighting when selected overflows too far when small font sizes used
    • Accessibility Scaling header not left aligned
    • Accessibility audio switch labels are always grayed as if disabled
    • Accessibility sample text can have a verse 0 label
    • Accessibility sample text border color not same as sample text label
    • Some mobile devices not losing gray background to navigation buttons when tapped
    • Swiping left/right on Versions popup list doesn't always switch between all/recent
    • Search chip frequency images not being pre-cached
    • Search button can go white when tapped on some mobile devices
    • 'Go to top' icon appears below text copyright message, not above
    • Focused verse outline being cut off on left/right sides on some mobile devices
    • Hyperlink color too light for good contrast
    • Background color of buttons on hover not always consistent
    • Button focus outline color clashes with background color of Select Menu
    • Hidden tab stops in header (except when in Select mode)
    • Side menu does not auto focus to first option, when opened
    • Maps can overflow screen on mobile devices in landscape mode
    • Side menu Settings dropdown arrow not positioned correctly on old versions of Safari
    • No robots.txt file available to web crawlers
    • Selected verse outline can include paragraph space
    • Side menu title does not left align with side menu options
    • Popup panels can get very long (and blank) during keyboard input on iOS 9
    • Side menu "Interface language" label has too large line spacing
    • Unhandled error importing script when run offline
    • Cannot close side menu with escape key
    • Keep awake feature can lead to extraneous noise on Firefox when running in Private window
    • Chapter loading bar not visible on smaller screen devices if scrolled down
    • Re-downloading Bible after error treated as a download cancel request
    • Not recalculating % downloaded following a download request
  • Beta v0.80 - 02 July 2019
    9 Features Added
    • Added online help
    • Performance improvements (up to 2x quicker to render chapter)
    • Ensure menu button is always available (on larger screen devices)
    • Let second tap on |< or >| move to previous/next book
    • Introduce new simpler multi-lingual Bible selection popup
    • Report to user when downloads complete
    • Provide option to delete History
    • Provide option to clear Search results
    • On first run, detect local browser language and automatically load appropriate Bible and UI language, if available
    40 Bugs Fixed
    • App stops working after a while when using Samsung mobile browser
    • Right to left language support fixed
    • Most buttons/links not activate-able when using keyboard only
    • Occasional reload errors when using Safari browser
    • Occasional cross-origin problems when loading icons font
    • Searching in Safari not working sometimes
    • App not reliably working when offline
    • App not working in UC Browser
    • App not working in Yandex Browser
    • Bible version download buttons can be slow to appear
    • Search term ending in a space can cause errors
    • Bible download speed can be too slow
    • Accessibility voices not found on some devices
    • UI languages list not always in alphabetic order
    • Verse numbers can still appear with offline icon
    • Blank UI language strings not reverted when returning to default UI language
    • A page reload causes the oldest history reference to be lost
    • Search sometimes timing out
    • Service worker still waits 10 seconds before responding with an offline response even if other strategies have failed long before
    • Cancelling a download sometimes says complete
    • About Terms & Conditions section too long on small screen devices
    • Print view contains extraneous Bibles icon
    • Landscape map thumbnails not centred
    • Some icons not displayed under new font arrangements
    • History can capture same reference consecutively
    • Selected verse underlining not working correctly when verses run together
    • Download percent incorrect when download cancelled
    • Device wake-lock occasionally stops working
    • Any bad URL gives Access Denied error
    • Re-arrange header icons to make search more prominent
    • Check for Update should show the splash screen again
    • Focus outline cut off on various links/buttons when using keyboard navigation
    • Header menu icon has wrong tool tip
    • Romanian Bible sub-title should read 'Revised TBS Romanian Bible'
    • Navigate Bible books should display across at least 2 columns even on small screens
    • Search term highlighting can incorrectly pick out part words
    • Only some header icons have white drop shadow on hover
    • No explanation as to why selecting all verses shows only 10 verses in the popup (for protected scriptures)
    • App icons do not fit Apple and Android styles
    • Native platform sharing not handling promise errors
  • Beta v0.70 - 21 May 2019
    5 Features Added
    • Now restores last Scripture position when returning to app
    • Added a go to top button at bottom of chapter
    • Created a standalone webpage widget to automatically detect scripture references and provide verse previewing and linking through to the Online Bible
    • Added speech synthesis capability to Accessibility options to allow reading aloud of selected chapter/verses
    • Added referrer information to usage data logging (which lets us know how you arrived at our site e.g. from clicking on a Facebook post)
    37 Bugs Fixed
    • Searching for some words (e.g. "Josiah" in the English scriptures) produced an "Error getting verses" error
    • French translation copyright notice incorrect
    • Navigation bar wraps around on iPad Air 2
    • Can revert to first book/chapter upon navigation when Internet connection lost
    • Multiple selects adds repeated copyright notices to popup window
    • Right clicking/long press should select verses
    • Changing UI language back to English failing
    • First chapter of non-English scriptures can include a cloud symbol on Firefox
    • Copy and paste not working in Safari
    • Performing a Check for Updates could cause a crash in Safari
    • Paragraphs in wrong places in Spanish Bible
    • Install menu option still available after installing
    • Page scrollbar disappears/reappears upon each chapter navigation
    • Accessibility settings labels not restoring properly upon page refresh or next visit
    • Headings can appear indented on large display when verses are run together
    • Logging not always reporting ServiceWorker version
    • Non-English scriptures have unnecessary font reload on each chapter navigation
    • Accessibility panel Save button moves out of view on max zoom
    • UI language dropdown control appears incorrectly in Firefox
    • Reporting of large errors fails
    • Copying of search results is broken
    • Search keyword highlighting does not work if verses not loaded immediately
    • Map thumbnails do not load on older Safari versions
    • Chapters numbers in Navigate picker do not display correctly on Safari 9 when just one line of them
    • Verse spacing effect not showing in Accessibility sample text
    • Cannot click on a map thumbnail title to enlarge map
    • Accessibility color options text is obscured on some mobile screens
    • About panel Changelog link still appears when offline
    • Accessibility sample text does not remain on screen as adjustments are made
    • Accessibility sample text does not scroll if needed
    • Accessibility color should effect copyright footer too
    • Bible icon in Scriptures list is not consistently placed depending on whether there is a Scripture subtitle or not
    • Menu Settings arrow does not change depending upon state
    • Should not be possible to swipe left/right to change chapter when verses selected
    • Verse selection limited to 10 is inconsistent with Select All feature
    • Search term highlighting in results includes part words not matched
    • Chapter number focused outline can spill over columns in Navigate picker
  • Beta v0.60 - 01 April 2019
    4 Features Added
    • Accessibility settings added to aid users with visual impairments
    • Searched terms in search results are now highlighted
    • The browser Window Title now reflects the displayed chapter
    • A changelog (this) of version differences now linked in About panel
    36 Bugs Fixed
    • Correct copyright notices
    • Footer copyright notice needs to change in accordance with selected scripture
    • Selected UI language not retained across sessions
    • Protected text not showing on select popup
    • Very slow when switching to a substantial downloaded version
    • UI language dropdown uses ISO codes
    • Brave browser cannot access key resources in Beta
    • Doing a "Check for Updates" in Safari results in major errors
    • Settings switches not restored correctly on page refresh
    • Different Bible languages don't appear in obvious alphabetical order
    • About option not working on Safari 9
    • Download of large Bible version very slow
    • Search results not copying
    • Columns no longer working in Edge browser
    • UI language unavailable until the corresponding Bible has been loaded
    • When installed, app loses landscape capability
    • Default copyright notice about Trust missing
    • Bible pub date not incrementing in About
    • Clicking same book as current in GoTo resets chapter to 1
    • Serviceworker update UI broken
    • Copyright notice should not be included when copying non-protected text
    • Settings should collapse when sidenav closed
    • Settings options should collapse when side menu closed
    • Cannot restart a cancelled download
    • Improve clarity of number of books in Bible version
    • Blank text animation for search results too CPU heavy in some browsers
    • Maps thumbnails not all consistent width
    • In-chapter paragraph titles do not disappear when paras switched off
    • Popups and side menu aren't scrolled to top when re-opened
    • Automatically expand search results by book where possible
    • Longer map title cannot be seen
    • Toast action button hover colour makes it unreadable
    • UI language change triggers temporary wrong font size in settings on Android 5
    • Copyright notice too large (on small screens) and lacks horizontal padding
    • Fix stats to output errors
    • Configure Beta Bible storage to better mirror live
    • Search results not expandable on Microsoft browsers (lacking details tag support)
  • Beta v0.50 - 28 Feb 2019
    2 Features Added
    • Rework language selector to make selecting Bible more intuitive
    • Distinguish beta mode by TBS logo colour
    34 Bugs Fixed
    • Goto history not updated on modal open
    • No scripture text showing on Safari 9
    • Error getting verse when 0 search results
    • Too many search verses to fetch can break search
    • search terms with more than 9999 occurrences have no icon
    • Search results not in vs order!
    • Switching to EN from another language can cause long delay
    • Error email doesn't report domain
    • Autocorrect search icons not correct
    • Browser back arrow doesn't work past unsupported refs
    • Errors not coming through to stats
    • Non-justified text not correct for RTL languages
    • Almost everything has a clickable focused outline in IE
    • No progress bar when moving between chapters in non-English Bibles on Safari
    • Occasional blank space above chapter text when switching languages in Edge
    • Pressing return on search term adds chip but doesn't delete input text in Edge
    • Unsightly flash of progress bar when changing chapter
    • Justification setting switch wrong way round
    • Paragraphs not on by default (first use)
    • Goto chapter numbers not formatted correctly (e.g. Titus)
    • Verse flow switch working the wrong way around
    • Select remains when navigating away
    • Modals show outline
    • Clearing all selection not dropping select mode
    • Search results book title doesn't have correct pointer in Chrome
    • Search chips still outputting to console in production
    • Navigation arrows too light
    • Settings down arrow icon too near right
    • Search results book title does not show outline when keyboard selected
    • Select popup is titled Share, but has no sharing (yet)
    • Settings icon not vertically aligned with other menu icons
    • Goto tab slider not quite right initially
    • Main menu doesn't appear on left side swipe in on Safari 9
    • Select menu has share icon when there is no share feature (yet)

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