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TBS Nepali Scriptures

01 March 2017  
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In 2011 the Society published a new translation of the entire Bible in Nepali, a language spoken by millions in the countries of Nepal, India and Bhutan. There is also a growing Nepali Diaspora in the USA, the UK and other countries.

The TBS Nepali Bible has been reprinted several times since 2011, and in total tens of thousands of copies have been printed. We are pleased that our Bible has been well received and is being widely circulated in different countries across the world.

In 2016, a diglot Nepali-English Bible was published using our Nepali text alongside that of the English Authorised (King James) Version. In 2015 an audio edition of our Nepali New Testament was first issued and we have recently received news that there is a huge demand for them in Nepal and our partners are running out of audio players to send to the country!

We rejoice at the work of grace that the Lord is carrying out among Nepali-speaking people throughout the world, and are humbled that our Scriptures are being used to help build the church (see Matthew 16.18). Please continue to pray for God’s blessing to rest upon His Word in both written and audio formats.

Our Nepali Gospel according to John can be read or downloaded here.

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